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10 Examination Rules  (# 103)

Top 10 Examination Rules
1. People that dont like America should have their head examined.
2.People that cheat in the winter games should have their sled examined.
3.People whose pencils dont work should have their lead examined.
4.People that are unable to sleep at night should have their bed examined.
5.People with one shoe that fits and one that doesn't should have their Ked examined.
6.People who fear their tools will get stolen should have their shed examined.
7.People considering a classy vacation should have ClubMed examined.
8.People that complain about a sandwich being stale should have the bread examined.
9.People with an irritating rash should have the red examined.
10.People who thought they received the ashes of their loved ones from a Georgia crematory should have the dead examined.

Submitted by: jmd, Lawrence, KS

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