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A man brings his dog into a bar -- to the chagrin of the bartender. "you can't bring that dog in here", the bartender tells him. "But, you don't understand -- this is a smart, talking dog", replies the pet owner.

"Well, if he's so smart, let's hear him in action", says the bartender. "OK", the owner begins, "Dog -- what covers a house?" "ROOF!" snorts the dog.

"Aw, get out of here,", says the bartender -- "that's a cheap trick." "No, wait -- says the dog's owner. "Dog -- What's the opposite of smooth?"
"RUFF!" coughs the dog; and the bartender, now touchy, says "Hey -- that's enough of this -- get out of....."

But before he can finish, the pet owner pleads for one more chance. "OK -- my dog will really show you how smart he is. Dog -- whose the greatest New York Yankee of them all?" "RUTH", the dog grunts.

The owner had no time to savor the moment -- for the bartender kicks them both out the door. Sitting on the street in front of the bar, the owner shakes his head, his dizzy eyes meeting those of the dog, who cocks his head quizically and says, "Gehrig?"

Submitted by: sad, San Antonio, TX

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