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Hard as a rock  (# 138)

A high school student spent most of his afternoon in the basement mixing chemicals. One day his father went down to find his son surrounded by racks of test tubes and pounding something into the wall.

Danny, don't put nails in the wall," his father admonished.

"It's not a nail, Dad," the young man explained. "It's a worm. I found a formula that turns things as hard as a rock."

"Tell you what, son," the man said with sudden interest. " You give me the special formula and I'll buy you a car."

The next day when Danny got home from school, he saw two brand-new cars in the driveway.

"Dad, what are these?" he asked.

"Oh, they are for you son," his dad said, smiling. "The Toyota's from me. The Mercedes is from your mother!!"

Submitted by: EG, San Antonio, TX

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