12 signs she's high/low maintenance  (# 193)

- 12 signs she is low maintenance (aka, The Tucker):

1) She eats anything.
2) She doesn't talk babytalk.
3) She can navigate, and she knows how to fold the map properly.
4) She's asleep when you come home late.
5) When you are tired or tipsy she offers to drive.
6) She thinks going out on Valentine's Day and New Year's Day is over-rated.
7) She only screams when she is actually having fun.
8) She drinks beer from a bottle.
9) She buys a round of beers for you and your friends, and it's not a big deal.
10) When she is pissed off, she tells you why.
11) You don't need a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation in order to have sex with her.
12) When the remote isn't working, she knows it's the battery.

- 12 signs she is high-maintenance (aka, the Flipper):

1) She won't do a summer rental with your friends because it requires sharing a bathroom.
2) She won't take public transportation.
3) She immediately accepts your offer to drop her at the entrance of the restaurant/mall/store while you criss-cross the county looking for a parking spot.
4) If she has blemishes, she will not go out in publc.
5) She won't drink beer.
6) She insists on ordering wine, even in the dumpiest dives.
7) She carries a new handbag for one season only, then torches it.
8) She wears jewelry to the beach/game/park.
9) She has a pet named after a designer.
10) Her monthly grooming bills are more than your car payments.
11) She has more women's magazine's and 'girls' self-help books than she does novels.
12) She refers to her mother as "Bitch Face."

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