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Sick Bird  (# 197)

A bird owner noticed that his long-time pet bird was ailing. The bird quit singing, was lethargic and refused to eat, so the bird owner took his pet bird to a veteriarian for a checkup.
The veterinarian examined the bird and tald the bird owner "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your bird is very ill. In fact I don't think he will live much longer."
The bird owner was very distraught and overcome with grief. "Oh no", he said, "doctor, are you sure?"
The veterinarian left the room and soon came back in with a black lab.
The dog went over to the bird, sniffed the it a couple of times and shook his head.
The veterinarian then brought in a cat. The cat went over to the bird, sniffed it several times, and shook his head.
The veterinarian turned to the bird owner and said "Well, it looks like my diagnosis has been confirmed. I know it is hard for you to accept, but I'm afraid that your bird is not long for this world", and handed the bird owner a bill for the examination.
The bird owner glanced at the bill and said "What!! $500 just to tell me that my bird is going to die!"
The veterinarian looked at the bird owner and said "If you would have been willing to take my word for it, it would have cost you only $20. However, with the lab report and the cat scan . . . . . .

Submitted by: RAM, San Antonio, TX

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