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Doctor-Lawyer relations  (# 225)

Two physicians were seated on a plane headed for a conference in Seattle when an attorney sat next to them, taking the isle seat. Just after he kicked off his shoes and put on his seat belt, the doctor in the window seat asked to be excused as he was thirsty and wanted to go ask the attendant for a soda. With this, the attorney said, "don't get up, I'll get your drink." As soon as he got up and headed down the isle, the doctor picked up the attorney's shoe and spit in it. Upon returning and again taking his seat, the other doctor said to the attorney, "that drink looks so good, would you excuse me, I would like to get up and get myself a soda." Immediately, the attorney said, "don't get up, I'll get your drink". Again, as his back was turned and he was headed down the isle, the second doctor spit into his other shoe. Well, the attorney comes back, gives the soda to the doctor and settles into his seat for the flight to Seattle.

Upon landing, he slipped his shoes on and immediately knew what had happened. He turned to the two doctors and said, "when is this anymosity between our professions going to stop, this hatred, this SPITTING IN SHOES AND PISSING IN COKES?"

The lawyer always seems to get the last laugh.
Signed, a physician

Submitted by: ssn, SM, KS

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