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Identifying Doctors  (# 242)

In the bar of a hotel lobby, a young man and a young woman both stood ordering drinks. They began to talk and realized that they were attending the same medical convention. After a bit more conversation they discovered that they had much in common, including the fact that they were both physicians.
At the end of the night the man invited the woman up to his room for a bit. As soon as they walked in the door, they ripped each other's clothes off and started making love. When they were finished the woman walked immediately to the bathroom and began scrubbing her hands vigorously. The man watched her do this for about five minutes.
When she came back to bed he said, "I bet I can guess what type of doctor you are. You must be a surgeon!"
She said, "yes, you're right, how did you guess?"
He answered, "I could tell by the way you were scrubbing your hands."
Then she said, "well, I bet I can guess what type of doctor you are. You must be an anesthesiologist!"
He was completely shocked and said, "Yes, you're right, but how did you ever guess that?"
She answered, "It was obvious because the whole time we were making love, I didn't feel a thing."

Submitted by: lhd, San Diego, Ca

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