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Lawyer & Priest Arrive in Heaven  (# 311)

One day, a lawyer and a priest arrive at the gates of heaven. St. Peter greets them and says he'll be escorting them to where they'll be staying for eternity.

First stop is the attorney's residence - a palatial mansion - pools, gardens, servants . . . the works. St. Peter tells him he hopes he'll be happy for eternity, gives him his pager number, tells him to call if there's ANYTHING he needs.

Next, St. Peter takes the priest to the tasteful one-room house where he'll be staying for eternity. The priest stops him and says: "I don't need material wealth, but I have to ask. Why, when I've devoted my life to God, do I get this small house while the attorney gets that huge mansion?"

St. Peter responds: "Hey, I've got a million priests up here. That's my first attorney."

Submitted by: AE, Overland Park, KS

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