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3 men walk into the bar  (# 384)

Three men walk into a bar, An Englishman, Frenchman and Irishman. They see a treasure chest up on the shelf with a sign saying "Take the 20 Shot Challenge and WIN!" The men asked the bartender about the chest.

"well" the bartender said, "you must first take 20 Shots of our finest whiskey, Second you must go out back and pull the thorn from an angry lions foot. And then finally, you must go upstairs and make love to an 105 year old woman."

The three men decided, that the chest was filled with so much gold that it was worth a try.

The Frenchman went first, he got to his 18th shot and passed out cold.

Next, The Englishman finished the twenty shots, and staggered out back. In a moment, they heard loud roars and screams and the Englishman did not return.

The Irishman sat down at the table and finished the shots. Then stumbled out back. Loud roars echoed through the back door of the bar and then silence. After a minute of silence, the irishman stumbled into the room very bloody and asked "Now where is the old lady with the thorn in her foot?"

Submitted by: KM, Morris, CT

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