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man and ostrich  (# 399)

A man walks into a diner, he has with him an ostrich, waitress comes over and man places his order, steak chips and peas, waitress looks at ostrich, ostrich says "same please"
End of their meal, waitress comes over "that will be 4.83" man pulls exact change out of hos pocket.
Following week, man and ostrich come into same diner, man orders ham salad as does the ostrich. Again man at the time of the bill man pulls out exact change.
This goes on for a couple of weeks, one day waitress just had to ask "how is it you always seem to have the exact change no matter what you order?"
"well" says the man "i was cleaning an old lamp, and this genie appeared, i was told i could have 2 wishes. So my 1st wish was to have the exact change every time i bought something".
"I see" says the waitress, looking at the man in awe "what a very unselfish wish"

......"but whats with the ostrich?"

"well the man replied, my 2nd wish was, i would like a good looking, long legged bird, who agrees with everything i say".......

Submitted by: sc, east sussex, uk

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