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The Executives and the Punk  (# 403)

Two young and brash aexecutives in sharp business suits were sitting on a bench in a city park when a punk with multiple body piercing passed by. The two businessmen started to make snide remarks about his appearance and one of them shouted out at him.
'Hey, punk! You know you and Swiss cheese are so alike?' he said with a smirk, 'You both stink and you're both full of holes."
The two executives fell about laughing and the punk stopped in his tracks.
'You know, you and your wallets are so alike!' replied the punk in a cool voice, 'You look fine on the outside but you're full of useless stuff!'
'Hey, what's that supposed to mean,' said one of the executives as he fished out his fat wallet and opened it to show a collection of credit cards inside. His colleague did the same and as the two execs were flashing their leather wallets about, the punk grabbed both and ran off with them. The two businessmen were stunned for a few seconds before jumping off the bench in hot pursuit.
The punk ran across the park and grabbed a long pole along the way. The two executives though he was going to beat them with it but instead he used it to pole vault across a shallow lake and land on an island teeming with ducks in the muiddle. The two businessmen reached the shore of the lake and stopped. From the island, the punk was waving the two wallets, taunting their owners and daring them to catch him.
'The water's shallow enough to cross,' said one of the men as he began to roll up his trouser legs.
'We're coming to get you,' snarled the other, kicking off his polished loafers and jerking off his socks. The two barefooted young men waded into the shallow water and had almost reached the island when the punk used the pole to vault over their heads and back to shore. The businessmen watched in dismay as the punk landed safely on the other side, picked up their discarded shoes and socks and ran away with them and their wallets. The two men waded back to the shore and slumped on the turf cursing themselves. Their expensive loafers and business socks were gone and they looked stupid, barefoot in their business suits. What was even worse was that their wallets with all their money and credit cards were gone too. The Swiss cheese had taken it all away!!

Submitted by: TS, Valletta -Malta, ny

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