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Do you know where God is?  (# 411)

There once was a very Pentecostal mother who had two very wild boys, Teddy and Herby. Teddy and Herby were always in trouble and their mom was at their wits end and decided to call in some help from their preacher Brother Perkins.

So Sunday after service Mom invited Brother Perkins over to talk about her problems with the boys. She tells him, "Brother Perkins, I just don't know what I'm going to do, my boys just won't listen and I'm afraid their gonna turn down a path of wickedness. Could you speak with the boys and maybe put the fear of God into them a bit". Brother Perkins tells her of course he will help.

Well a few minutes later, Teddy comes walking down the stairs and Brother Perkins yells up at him, "BOY, do you know where GOD IS!?!"

Teddy freezes on the stairs unsure what to say...

So Brother Perkins yells up again, "BOY, I SAID DO YOU KNOW WHERE GOD IS!?!"

At that Teddy, runs back up the stairs, into his and Herby's room, slams the door and says, "Herby, we're in trouble now, God's missing and they think we took him!"

Submitted by: EV, Rochester, NY

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