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traveling salesman  (# 427)

A farmer was walking down a coountry raod with a cow that had gotten
out. Suddenly the cow started giving birth. The farmer runs around to the back of the cow reaches inside grabs the calfs tail and starts pulling and the calf is about halfway born. Along comes a travelling salesmen. He sees what is going and stops. The salesman grabs the calfs tail and between the both of them the calf is born. The farmer asks the salesman to stay for supper for helping him out with the calf. The salesman politely refuses saying he had a business meeting he had to attend. The farmer then offers the salesman 10 dollars for his time. Again the salesman declines Exasper-
ated the farmer ask the salesman if there was anything the he could do for the salesmen for helping with the calf. The salesman replies "ok. could you answer just one question for me." Sure the farmer replies. The salesman then asks "Just how fast was that little cow going when it ran into that big cow's ass."

Submitted by: eas, louisville, KY

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