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Consultant in Australia  (# 449)

A whiz-bang yuppie MBA goes on vacation to the Australian outback. In his travels he comes across a sheep herder with a huge flock. He stops his car, approaches the shepherd and introduces himself. Always looking to show off his MBA skills, the yuppie bets the shepherd he could determine exactly how many sheep are in the flock. If he is right, the yuppie gets one sheep. The shepherd agrees.

The yuppie goes back to his car, fires up his GPS, laptop and cell phone. Gets a detailed satellite picture of their exact location, downloads the picture and uses grid technology to count the exact number of sheep. After

only a few minutes the yuppie walks up to the shepherd and tells him he has 3,766 sheep. The shepherd confirms the number and the proud yuppie loads an animal into his car. Before the yuppie can drive away the shepherd approaches the car and offers to bet him double or nothing that he could guess the yuppie's profession. The yuppie agrees. The shepherd tells him that he is a consultant. The amazed yuppie confirms this and asks the shepherd how he knew.

The shepherd replies: "You showed the three tell tale signs of all consultants. First, you showed up here without being asked or invited. Second, I paid you to tell me something I already knew. Last, you don't know shit about my business cuz you just put my dog in your car."

Submitted by: Biff, Canaan, NH

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