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A fourth year medical student  (# 45)

The fourth year medical student was finally working with a seriously ill patient. He was very attentive at the patient's bedside as the resident physician and attending physician worked diligently to save the patient's life.Every day the team of doctors came to see the patient who remained very weak and on oxygen 24 hours a day. Slowly the patient began to show improvement.
One day the med student came in before any of the doctors. He was determined to do more than just observe. He got up very close to the patient and spoke to him. The response was barely audible and the patient gasped and appeared to be in great distress. The student leaned in closer and tried to hear what the patient was desperately trying to say.Thinking quickly he handed the patient a pad and pencil and asked him to write the words since he could not talk. Struggling at this point the patient wrote his final message, gasped, and died.
Oviously the medical student was quite distaught, but he managed to keep his composure. He took comfort in the fact that he held in his hands the final words of a dying man. Perhaps it was a farewell to his family or some reflection on his life. He looked down on the pad and read, "you’re standing on my oxygen".

Submitted by: imd, San Antonio, Tx

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