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True Humor  (# 489)

An old couple noticed that it is too dry in the house and their sinuses are bothering them as a result. A daughter living in the house agreed, without ever checking on the humidifier or asking questions.
The old husband tells the wife that they probably need a new humidifier. The old wife looks at the humidifier that has been there for many years and can’t see the problem. She calls her successful son to come over and look at the humidifier. He looks everything over and can’t find the problem. The old wife tells her husband that the humidifier must not be working anymore. The wife then calls a repair man to come over and fix or replace the old humidifier. After looking at the humidifier, the repair man finds the problem. The old wife asks; “So, what is wrong with it?” The repair man says; “You didn’t have it turned on.” He then said; “Will you be paying in cash or with a check?”

Submitted by: C.E., Cincinnati, OH

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