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A woeful tale of discrimination  (# 533)

A piece of string walks into a fancy restaraunt. The Maitre d' meets the string at the door and informs him that strings are not allowed in that particular establishment and requests he take his business elsewhere. The string is deeply offended and leaves in a huff, muttering about unfairness and discrimination. After walking and stewing over this for a while, the string, getting more and more angry, decides he is not just going to walk away from this battle. The string ducks into an alley, ties himself up, messes up his hair and heads back to the restaraunt. As he enters the establishnment, he is immediately confronted by the snotty Maitre d' who asks: "Aren't you that piece of string I threw out of here earlier today?" And the string responded: "Nope....I'm a frayed knot."

Submitted by: KDS, eagan, mn

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