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Car Keys  (# 96)

Two blondes drove to an outdoor mall, to go shopping, in a brand new Corvette. After a long day of walking into every store, they started back to the parking lot, with shopping bags in both arms.

When they got to the parking spot, the blonde who drove, realized that she left the keys in the car and the doors were locked. She then looked at her friend and said "Just great! Now what are we going to do?"

Her friend said "Don't worry, I have a cell phone and will call a locksmith". The friend called the locksmith, and then told her that it would cost $200 and it will take an hour to get there.

All of a sudden, there was a clap of thunder and it started to rain. The other blonde then started crying loudly. Her friend tried to calm her down and said "Look, it's not that bad, we'll just split the $200 fee".

The blonde said "It's not the $200, it's the rain!" and kept crying.

Her friend said "OK, then we'll go back in one of the stores to dry off our clothes, and wait for the locksmith inside".

The blonde said "I'm not worried about the clothes" and kept crying.

Her friend said "Then what's wrong?"

The blonde said "This car is a brand new convertible with leather seats, and I left the top down!".

Submitted by: jd, Allentown, PA

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